Monday, March 9, 2009

Signs of Six

Elbow was so hoping to lose her second front tooth at Disney; she thought maybe Tinker Bell would play the part of tooth fairy for her. No such luck. But we finally got it out yesterday and she's looking extra toothless because she already has plenty of space between her teeth. Love that six year old smile!


Candace said...

So sweet!

Juli said...

I love that! I haven't seen it for a while in our family. My nine year old hasn't lost any for a couple of years and my almost seven year old hasn't lost a single one!
And about the van, we JUST have the 12 seater as well. I think that's plenty of room for us to grow into for now. But I don't mind if we would grow into a 15 seater some day either. Just hopefully not at one time!