Saturday, March 7, 2009

Now I Can Drive In Peace

I seem to have forgotten (or am I in denial?) that I am now the somewhat proud driver of this:

It barely fits in our garage. When I back out, the top scraps against some rubber weather tape on the garage door and the antennae boings back and forth after also hitting the top of the garage. Hubby assures me no damage is being done. Great.

I've driven this behemoth around now for over two weeks without hitting anything. Until yesterday. Elbow's beautiful, new-last-summer, Specialized Hot Rock bike was lying on its side, somewhat hidden behind my mother-in-law's car. To Elbow's credit, she couldn't have put the bike away because of the extra vehicles we're currently housing while Hubby's relatives are on a trip with our church. 

I heard the crunch, saw Bobo's look of horror from the garage, and feared the worst. At first glance, it appeared the pedal might need a bit of adjusting and maybe the brakes would require some work. No big deal. Off we went to the bike shop for our free spring tune-up.

We left $300 poorer. And that was the price of a brand new bike. To repair the old one would have been more. But at least I have one happy six year old; the new bike has gears. 

Now that I have the first accident under my belt, maybe I can drive in peace. If nothing else - I think I'll get my taxes done a whole lot quicker knowing we need some extra cash.


mark said...

Holy Hooptie, Batman!

One more row and you'd have to install a fare box.

What's the nickname of this behemoth going to be?

My vote is for Moby Dick.

Juli said...

Oh, no! We just bought one yesterday! My biggest fear is backing up even though it does have censors that make it beep at you when something is behind you. I imagine a bike laying down would be too low for censors?

regan said...

ohhh michelle, my husband wants SO bad to buy me one of those, but it greatly depresses me. we only have 4 kids-so far-so we still fit in an expedition-thanks be to GOD!
anyway, hope all is well with you. i will be praying for you and baby, safe delivery and for the hubby and kids at home. take care of yourself and many, many blessings.

regan said...

ps. and isn't it nice to go to the hospital with pretty toes. i always felt the same way, even though i was always too huge at the end to do them myself and couldn't stand the fumes at the nail place! =) what a neurotic i am!

Papa said...

Nana and Papa will pay for Elbow's new bike...if she will put it away safely every night!

Suzie said...

Again, what wonderful grandparents to make THAT offer!

On the vehicles, we need to upgrade soon, too. The mini-van is becoming packed. However, we are looking at suburbans because of the also needed 4WD. This winter almost pushed us into it, but we are trying to hold off a few more months. I've already mangled a trike, so that is a worry I also have with a bigger vehicle.

Nina said...

Your Nana and Papa are so sweet.

What a great blessing to be driving one of those vans. With only two children, we will be driving our old subaru until it is an embarrassment to our kids.

Be careful! It makes me nervous.