Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tote Meme

When we lived in ND and decided to home school, we literally knew no one who was educating their children at home. When I told a friend we were thinking about it, she introduced me to Suzie. I remember going to her home to talk about it, and heading home with Gatto's huge tome, The Underground History of American Education. Wow, that book solidified our decision if anything ever did!

Anyway, long story short, Suzie is now blogging and tagged me for a tote meme.

My tote is really a diaper bag, but I could go on and on about how much I love this bag. It's huge, yes, but look at those pockets! I can bring a sippy cup, my own water bottle, a baby bottle if necessary and still have extra outside pockets for wipes, cell phone, whatever. It has a long strap that purposely fits over a double side by side stroller. Brilliant. Seriously, this bag has it all. It's made by Skip*Hop and it cost a pretty penny. Definitely worth it.

I rarely tag someone for a meme because I read the same 15 or so blogs everyday - hard to be original in my picks. But thanks for the tag, Suzie, and I look forward to following the happenings around your home.


Eileen said...

What a pretty bag! I gave up on "stylish" a long time ago, though. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever have anything nice again. :)

I use a diaper bag as a purse/tote,too -- a very roomy Land's End red one that opens like a doctor bag from the top. It has a key ring snap in the front pocket, on a stretchy strap, that I love, and I can throw the whole thing (emptied, of course) into the washing machine. I've had this one for more than 5 years, and it's still holding up great!

Funny thing about it, though -- I'm really a "small purse" kind of person. I like bags just big enough to hold my keys, wallet and maybe a lipstick, that won't get in my way when I'm juggling kids and books and bags and whatever. (I hate losing keys in a big bag -- leads to all kinds of unnecessary panic.) But I haven't had a purse like that in ... a long, long time! :)

Suzie said...

Michelle, I know how you feel about 'tag'. I almost wrote at the end..."I hope it's not bad form to let this leg of the tag end here!"

I'm glad you wrote though, your bag is really cool. I've never been one to combine my diaper bag/purse - my trick is to go with a small Lands End diaper bag. One of my kids usually carries it to the destination. Although, when in a pinch, I have been known to throw my wallet in the diaper bag.

regan said...

and now i am tagging you for a purse and impromptu photo meme. i am sorry. i'm starting to feel bad about these memes.

regan said...

michelle, i am flattered at your compliments with regards to my "crafty" skills and if anyone should be excused from tagging-it would be you-you have your hands full. it's been a while since i've had a tiny baby and i've forgotten what it is like to have a diaper bag for a purse. i can't help but hope i'll pass that way again. i do miss those days. sometimes i think maybe i have TOO much time on my hands! well, off i go. talk to you later and thanks for being such a good sport.=)
ps. i know about the camera thing. my youngest was fingering the strap on my camera this morning and with a longing look in his eyes said to me, "you know, i never get to take pictures of you mama........" and i had to change the subject really fast.
have a wonderful evening and God bless.