Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Overheard, Volume 2

Elbow, at lunch: "Bobo! Toddzilla said the F word."
Me, in complete shock on the inside but attempting calm, cool, and collected on the outside: "Um, what's the F word?" 
(Praying now, please Lord, let it not be so!)
Elbow: "I can't say, it's too bad."
Me: "Well, I should know at least, so I don't use it."
Elbow: "Fine. It's 'Fairies aren't real.'"
Me, breathing again: "Oh, that is bad."


Anonymous said...

Oh that is very bad. Fairies are a very big deal here since Cate read the Rainbow Fairy books.


Juli said...

Oh my! Aren't you so thankful that you can be relatively sure that it really wasn't a real bad word that your kids were using?
My oldest one read a few fairy books, but she's not as girly as my middle one is. I'm sure she will enjoy them so much more.

jess s said...

Consider yourself lucky. My first grader came home from school with the real word last spring.

Eileen said...

Oh, I love your choice of words to find out what the "offending" word really was! Nicely done! :)