Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snippets on Saturday

My posting is light lately. We've basically been hunkered down enjoying lots of snow (by Ohio standards) and some pretty cold temps. We had a nice dinner date last night with another family; the girls experienced Wii for the first time. Happily for me, they didn't think it was any big shakes. 

Hubby's been wanting to read Harry Potter with the girls for some time. They started last week - now they're in the middle of the second book - and you wouldn't believe the struggle it is to read just ONE chapter before bed. Bobo keeps threatening to bring it up and read it to Elbow herself, but we insist this one's a family read-a-loud. My mild mannered, very flexible second daughter was actually in tears one night because we said it was time for bed. So I guess they're enjoying it. Hubby and I both read at least the first four books when we were in grad school - it was a nice diversion after long hours with Greek, Hebrew, and strange German theologians. I've never had a serious problem with the books (as many Christians do), but they are definitely darker and more gruesome than our standard fare of Laura Ingalls, American Girls, Narnia etc. I will say, however, that my daughters have loved all sorts of strange and sinister tales from the Greek Myths to Beowulf.

Hubby and I are doing Growing Kids God's Way with four other couples from church. I've got homework that's calling my name. Have a great weekend!


Denise in MN said...

We did Growing Kids long ago. Let us know how you like it... It was definitely very helpful for us.

Janie said...

Mine were way into Potter too. I'd like to hear what you think about the last books (or what they think) especially since you haven't read them yet.

Suzie said...

My husband does family read alouds, too. I say family, but it's usually him and the kids - I use the time to get bills or correcting schoolwork done. We've read the entire Wizard of Oz series and almost the whole Redwall series (we are waiting for paperback editions). Right now, they are in the middle of G.K. Chesterton's 'Attack of the Tripods.' They usually read for 45 minutes and sometimes more. Of course, we worked up to that amount of time. I believe we started when my oldest was about 7yo. It's been really wonderful and my husband WILL NOT let me read ahead if he happens to be gone! He wasn't sure about reading aloud when I first asked him, but he's a huge fan, now.