Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not Much Here

Things are quiet around here lately; we haven't left the house en masse since Sunday. We've got a little covering of snow, so the children have been out quite a bit. Their new love is surf-sledding: sliding down the driveway while standing up. (This is the great thing about living in a climate where the snow melts soon after it comes. No one shovels. In Fargo, the minute Hubby got home, he'd be out shoveling, shoveling, shoveling. And snowblowing. And more shoveling. It was a point of pride to have a clear driveway. Which by the way, is impossible in North Dakota. Just sayin'. He doesn't even touch the shovels here!)

I'm trying to finish a little patch work knit blanket for the baby. It's made up of 4x4 inch knit squares. During the election season I knit a square or two a night, while watching Hannity and Colmes and O'Reilly.  After McCain lost, I was too depressed to watch any news, so my knitting went untouched. I'm now on to John and Kate plus 8 reruns and the occassional Duggar family show. Somehow I don't feel so tired after seeing their escapades.  

My new year's resolution was to get the scrapbooks caught up by the time baby comes. Not making tons of progress, but I'm waiting for some inspiration to kick in. Come on, already!


Nina said...

I hope the inspiration kicks in sometime soon. I understand that kind of inspiration. When it comes, you can accomplish a lot.

Although one thing, I don't do scrapbooks.

Where you are now really doesn't have much snow, does it? My sister said it was really cold there today. It was 50 degrees in Seattle. (just saying because it was only 60 degrees this summer.)

Eileen said...

My kids are into the standing-up sledding, too! They say they're "snowboarding." They also like to set the sled at the top of the little slope on the side of the driveway, step back about 25 feet or so, then take a running, flying leap onto the sled. I get such a kick out of all their laughter!

We've had quite a bit of snow here this year,and I'm glad, 'cause the kids are really enjoying it. My 5yo has been asking when the snow would be back, since mid-summer, so this has been heaven for him. He'd probably love North Dakota!! :)

Juli said...

Jon & Kate and the Duggars are my favorite shows! I got the books for Christmas. I'm finished with them if you would like them. Jon & Kate was actually a really good book. I was a little skeptical with the way she is on the show sometimes. Her attitude to her husband gets to me. The book shows another side of her that I like better.

Suzie said...

We used to get together for play time when we lived in the 'big' ND city! Kristen was our link. I'm really glad homeschooling has gone well for you; I remember when you were discerning. We moved out to the farm this summer and are thoroughly enjoying it. We continue to homeschool, too. I teach three & try to entertain a toddler at the same time.

As for the snow, well, we just try to enjoy it! When it's not deathly cold, the kids love to snow shoe & cross country ski. The worst road is the gravel road we use to get anywhere, but we've still managed to get around.

Sorry, can't help you with the inspiration for scrapbooking! My tub of supplies, pictures, and books have been sitting idle since the last scrapbook retreat I went on with a few other homeschool moms.