Sunday, November 23, 2008


We're reading the Addy series for our next American Girl doll book club meeting. I bawled through the whole first book this afternoon.  My older daughter was right there with me.  The second one was rolling her eyes and reminding us, "Addy is a made up girl, Mom."  

Cranking up the holiday spirit around here. Hubby took the kids on an Operation Christmas Child shopping trip over the weekend and now he's baking one of his many fall pumpkin pies. (Which will be eaten way before Thanksgiving day - probably tonight). All I have to make for Thursday is cranberries and stuffing. That's about all this motivationally challenged pregnant mama can handle at this point.

We're also in the market for our first artificial tree ever. Sob. Hubby's allergies finally won out last year.  We'll all miss the trip to the tree farm, finding and cutting down the perfect tree, and hitting Perkins on the way home. Sigh.


Juli said...

You justs reminded me to get our Turkey out of the freezer, so it's defrosted in time. My husband has to work Thanksgiving so we're having a little dinner here with him on Wednesday and then I'll go to my aunts on Thursday.
We haven't read the Addy books yet, but it will be on our list. We were just talking yesterday about which ones we haven't read yet.
We also have a fake tree. We (my husband) decided last year that he didn't like all of the needles. That's especially important this year with a new crawler that sticks everything in her mouth.

Jennifer said...

I am so afraid to read the Addy series. Karen E. told me it was horribly sad - if you have the means to email me and tell me the worst of it, I would appreciate it. We're a little sensitive over here.

Juli said...

I also want you to know that I'm giving you the Octamom award. Details are on my site.

Stacy Brown said...

My husband also makes the pumpkin pies. He made his third one over the weekend. It's already gone! We always go to Indiana for Thanksgiving so I never make anything for a Thanksgiving Dinner!
Are you going shopping on Friday? Have a wonderful holiday!