Sunday, November 30, 2008

captatio benevolentiae

My oldest, like St. Paul, knows how to "capture the good will" of an audience before making her requests known.  

Here's her recent letter to Santa (I couldn't get it scanned in, but I'll keep her original spelling and punctuation, for posterity's sake):

Dear Santa, I hope you have a Merry Christmas.  All I want is pece, joy, happyness.  But we have been saveing up for a horse. We have $32.70, but we probly won't get one.  

To the girls' credit, however, they've been hitting the pavement hard in search of financing for that horse thing. First it was the Buckeye Leaf and Landscape Company, which garnered two customers (including me). The latest venture is meeting the school bus with hot cocoa in hand, ready for a quick profit. So far, no takers on that one. Apparently school children don't walk around with cold cash on their persons.
Next up is a shoveling business which they believe is a sure-fire way to big bucks.


Stacy Brown said...

my kids have a snow shoveling business that they revive at the first sign of a snowflake!

Juli said...

My oldest daughter would love a horse, too.My cousin lives nearby and has two horses, so it's the next best thing.

janie said...

I love it - hot chocolate at the bus stop!

Jennifer said...

I just wish we lived right next door to you because your daughters seem like the sweetest girls ever.