Monday, June 2, 2008

Recital Season - Done!

Three long, but very good, recital weekends are behind us. The girls got through their pieces just fine; Hubby and I took turns going in and out of the recital hall with our boisterous boys. This was our first experience with young children performing on string instruments. Those of you who have been there, already know what I'm talking about. Ouch. I hate to admit that some of the two hour recital was excruciating painful. The busyness of May is happily over!

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Grandma said...

Congratulation....both you girls look very professional ..and very beautiful.....I know you played your pieces sounds like the recital was long....but I know it was worth it once you got up there on the stage and started playing....Mom and Dad were very proud of you....and I could tell from the smiles that you were also very proud of of these days I will be there to here you play at one of your recitals and enjoy each and every minute !!!!! Love...Grandma .... :)