Thursday, May 29, 2008

In Search of a Summer Schedule

Just got back from our first trip to the pool this season. The club director told me last night that the water is a balmy 82 degrees. Um, not exactly. I'd say it was closer to 62; not a single mom was in the pool even though it was hot in the sun.

Of course the children didn't mind a bit so we spent a nice afternoon poolside. I could get used to that pretty easily.

We will, however, need a little structure for the long summer days. I found this out the hard way on Saturday. Every single neighborhood kid was at our place. All day. Did I mention Hubby was out of town and every kid was here? All day? I'm not a particularly gracious recess cop -- try as I might. My children were coming in to seek shelter from the storm (they're not particularly adept at navigating recess-like society) only to have aforementioned neighbors knock on the doors asking, "When are you guys coming out again?"

Hurry up and warm up, pool! I think we'll be needing you a lot this summer.

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my5wolfcubs said...

Ah yes, the mom-temp verses kid-temp at the pool! :) Hope you have a splashy fun summer!!
Lee (from the WTM board)