Thursday, April 17, 2008

Easy Entertainment

Landscapers are here to turn our mudpit backyard into something a little more child friendly. Little do they know it's more mom-friendly than anything, since this will reduce my laundry drastically. (And make the neighbor parents happy; ours is the "it" backyard right now and their children inevitably come home caked in dirt).

The best part is that little boys will be entertained all morning by diggers, shovels, and other loud pieces of equipment.


Eileen said...

LOL! I have pictures like this, too--in fact, when they put the new water lines in for the village last year, we had to clear a spot in front of a window for my then 3 yo son to have a "scenic overlook"! (We still call it that--it's a great vantage point for watching the weekly trash pick up, too!)

Home Theater said...

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OneRoomHomeschool said...

Looks pretty educational! :)

Your boys and my boys would so get along, mine too would be in that window.