Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When All Else Fails, Make A Mess

School was a lost cause this morning -- in part because of a baby who doesn't know if he still needs a morning nap or not, in part because we're on residual sugar high from Easter. Holidays have a way of wiping us all out.

When the girls were little, I followed the wisdom of "put fussy kids in water." Warm, bubbly baths did wonders. Now that they don't all fit in the tub, I've found that making any kind of mess usually does the trick. One thing is constant: you need water. Whether it's mud pies, or a kitchen "concoction," or just a big puddle to stomp in.

The latest water craze around here is painting. Toddzilla even uses a quiet voice when he gets to scoop up those gloppy colors and spread to his heart's content. Elbow's observation sums it up: "there's something about painting with water colors that just makes the picture come alive on the paper!"


Water and life. They go together. Of course our bodies can't survive long without it, our souls need quenching just as desperately. We've been parched around here lately at Living Waters. Not today -- I see more painting and maybe some creek stomping in our very near future.

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