Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Now Back To Our Previously Scheduled Holy Week

Pictures are finished. I got to skip the haircut part, because Toddzilla took a serious digger and has a nice purplish-yellow welt on his forehead. I needed those bangs to stay put.

Now that we've got some Easter pictures, I can actually concentrate on Holy Week. Pressure's off! I won't mind a bit when the girls stroll down the steps come Easter morning in some version of Fancy Nancy meets Anne of Green Gables. Honest, I won't. There's just something about preserving a few memories that aren't quite so... "How do I look, Mom?!!" Know what I mean?

The build up to Easter is far and away one of my favorite times of year. All the solemnity and darkness of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday just waiting to be overcome by the Light on Easter morning. There's nothing that says "Jesus is Risen" like a brass quartet belting out "Christ the Lord is Risen Today, A-a-a-a-a-le-e-lu-u-ia!"

I spent many an Easter Sunday during college at the home of dear friends in Wellesley, MA. We'd worship at the historic Park Street Church and then be treated to a true resurrection celebration. This always included lots of guests -- many of us college students -- lots of food, and most memorably, great conversations.

Most recently, we've been the guests at another great Easter party at the home of some of our best friends in Fargo. We'll miss you this year!

Come to think of it, I've never hosted Easter. This year Hubby's side of the family will be with us. Off to come up with something... fast!


molly said...

Blessed Easter to you and yours.

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, I thought only my daughter appeared as "Fancy Nancy meets Anne".
;-) Have a Blessed Easter!