Saturday, March 30, 2013

Around Home

We are finally getting a taste of Spring around here, but up until now it's been lots of indoor activity. Needless to say, we're all ready for a change of pace. Hello, Spring Break!

Todzilla went with a buddy to his first ever NHL hockey game. He came home with a new passion and has been roller blading with puck and stick around the cul-de-sac ever since (despite the cold weather). He pulled out my old helmet but decided my hockey gloves smelled too bad to wear. I do NOT miss the smell of hockey hands.

The girls are creating all sorts of Chihuly inspired "glass" at home after their art teacher showed them how to do it.

They've also been baking and taking their products door to door since most of us gave up sweets for Lent. Only one more day!

Right Hand Man is everyone's little helper. While his intentions are good, he leaves a trail of transgression everywhere he goes. His current favorite is dunking things in the toilet. Never knew a sixth child could have new-to-us tricks up his sleeve. Yes, we've had to throw toothbrushes away after finding him swishing them around in the toilet water. Fun, fun.