Friday, October 5, 2012

This Week

Whoa... Trying to take a deep breath in the midst of a very busy - but productive - week.

Ended last week with a first paper due for Bobo's literature class. She got a laptop for her 12th birthday from Gramma, Gerry, Nana, Papa and me and Hubby; a huge treat for her but also a necessity for us. We've been living on one computer for the 7 of us at home (Hubby has a work laptop) and it's not cutting it this year with all the additional writing our oldest has to do. Her paper was on The Call of the Wild. Now the group is reading The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 

Sunday I got to hear another rousing sermon from my good looking pastor (applause from the congregation to confirm the first point, I hope I'm the only one who gets to comment on the second). Rushed off to see my boy have another triple touch down day on the field.

The girls' Ohio History class took a field trip to Flint Ridge in search of arrowheads and other fun stuff on Tuesday.

Wednesday was our usual craziness. We added to the excitement by bringing three additional kids to AWANA. Oh my.

Thursday Bobo turned 12. One of her best buddies dropped in at lunch to take her out for a surprise celebration. You gotta love homeschooling for impromptu fun like that.

Today the boys had a science field trip; the girls' group had a quiz and their fall bug collections due. Twenty insects required for each student (that's 40 for us!) and of course there's the work of classifying each one. Again, oh my.

Up tomorrow is a Tae Kwon Do tournament for Crockett, Toddzilla, and Elbow. Bobo has to miss it because she has a previously scheduled piano competition at a local university. Which, I may add, has required months of preparation.

In the midst of the craziness we did get out to celebrate Bobo's birthday tonight: dinner on the town at a local swanky, organic joint. Lots of stares coming our way. I'm not sure many local, swanky people have six children.  Happy Birthday, Bobo!

It's been a good week.