Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ten Days Later...

Not finding much time to post around here lately. A quick re-cap of the last ten days is all I can muster, it's been a busy couple weeks!

My birthday was so much fun: breakfast in bed, cake made by the kids, a night out with Hubby, and then another night out with girl friends.

The boys have been busy turning our backyard into a bird sanctuary for their science projects for Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. They've made two regular bird feeders and one home-made suet feeder. So far, we're definitely attracting more birds. Later projects include a bird bath and bird houses.

Watching and waiting to record visitors in their field journals.

2 Liter bottle, skewer as perch, filled with bird seed

Making suet

Still making suet
And Right Hand Man is up to all sorts of new tricks: he can cover quite a bit of territory by rolling this way and that, sitting up, and making a huge mess while eating solids. Obviously, he enjoys it!