Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In other news...

There's lots going on around here besides the new baby (although he takes up most of our time and love!). Here's a few snapshots of what the rest of the gang has been up to. It's always a little difficult to find a balance between getting back to normal schedules and letting things slide for awhile. We're generally better off keeping everyone busy, need I say more?

The girls are training for their first 5K run during the Cap City Marathon. They're raising money to bring two Nigerian orphans stateside - God willing - to become part of a friend's family. Find more info and how you can help here.

The new texting queen waiting for her sister
to get done with violin lessons.
She babysits for me in exchange for her data plan :)

Helping Hubby take down the
damaged stairs to the tree house.

Dying Easter Eggs.

Hair cuts for the boys!

Friends from church coming to see the new baby!

Spending time in behavior modification
and none too happy about it (especially
when the brother offended decided to snap
a picture of the grumpy faced boy).

Helping Hubby stuff 1000 Why Easter? pamphlets for
visitors to church this weekend

Snuggle time, of course!

Hanging out with our new friend Clifford the Hermit Crab -
we're watching him while our neighbors are on vacation.