Thursday, February 2, 2012

The End Is Near...

At least it feels that way this far along in a pregnancy. My energy and motivation are definitely declining- except when some strange nesting urge kicks in and I run around frantically trying to do everything I didn't get done that day. I've written before that pregnancy is a hard time for me, but I will say this one has gone swimmingly (in comparison, I'm sure my husband would use another word altogether)... all because I finally decided to continue exercising. Sixth baby is the charm I guess. Who knew?

We've had a spell of several warm days so the shoes came off and the bikes came out.

The girls have been extra busy with sleepovers, birthday parties, and general tweeny girl mayhem. Next weekend I get to have my own overnight getaway with them as a mother-daughter bonding time before yet another boy comes on the scene around here.

Birthday party planning is also in the works for an almost five year old.

There's plenty going on, not tons of energy to get it done, but thankful that most of it is easy and fun.