Saturday, December 17, 2011

Semester Wrap Up

Our little homeschool is on vacation! A quick review for my records, after some pictures from the girls' end of semester science party:

Bobo: just finished some short essays on The Hobbit, about halfway through Spelling Workout F, on a break from her studies in Logic (I'm not liking the curriculum and will probably start a different one in the new year), just over halfway through Saxon Math 7/6, and poised to start unit III in First Form Latin when we resume in 2012. The science group we're a part of has decided to continue Earth Science all year long, rather than switch to Chemistry for Kids second semester. This seems like a good fit since the text we're using is huge and covers a ton of material in great depth. The girls are learning to seriously study for the tests in this class. It's fun to see them up in their room at bedtime, flashcards in hand, quizzing each other about salinity and density and cloud formation. All of which I know very little about... I'm so happy someone else is teaching this!

Elbow: currently reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (which I repeatedly refer to as Cry The Beloved Country - a book I read long ago. This drives her insane: "Mom! You assigned me this book and you don't even know what it's called!"), about halfway through Spelling Workout D, working through Can-Do Cursive, almost at the halfway point in Saxon Math 5/4, and right in the middle of Latina Christiana I.  Science - same as above for Bobo.

Toddzilla: On lesson 30 in Saxon Math 2, halfway through More Days Go By for reading, at the end of Spelling Workout A, in the middle of Printing Power, and taking our time in Prima Latina. My little football fanatic does not quite understand why he's reciting Latin vocabulary and prayers. Admittedly a bit difficult to explain at this point. Alas, we continue. Part of his school day also includes listening to audio books - current favorites are Adventures in Odyssey and the Magic Tree House series.

And in the biggest news of all: I'm not changing diapers for the first time in over eleven years! Granted, the break will be short-lived with our baby due in March, but hey - I'll take what I can get! The Patriot has made two huge moves this week - out of diapers and out of the nursery. I've got all three boys in one bedroom and they're loving it!

Way to go big guy!