Saturday, October 1, 2011

On Missed Milestones and Science Explosions (and other random stuff)

I've been extremely remiss on documenting Crockett's recent successes. They're not even recent anymore... Anyway, the training wheels came off his bike right after his fourth birthday (months ago), and then he surprised us all on Labor Day weekend by passing the swimming test at our pool. He's ready for the slides!

Toddzilla's latest feat is a nice big gap in his smile:

And the girls are busy exploding things with their science club. They studied volcanoes this week and did a few experiments during class time yesterday. Of course I had to bring the boys along when they heard there was gun powder involved...

Hubby is off doing a wedding out of town and it's raining for about the millionth day in a row. I've got five children tired of indoor play and a beautifully clean house (thank you Green Clean Fairies). This is not a good combination, especially since this is about the second time in the history of my life that I've actually hired someone else to clean my house... I'd like to keep it clean for oh, I don't know, ten minutes?