Saturday, October 29, 2011

Field Trips and Fun Times

A cold and very muddy day at the pumpkin patch last weekend. So muddy that our van had to be pushed out of the parking lot. In case you're contemplating purchasing a swagger mobile like ours (a 12 seat monstrosity - which we actually love) you may want to know that it has no traction whatsoever. I've been stuck in an inch of snow in my cul-de-sac, not to mention a little mud at the pumpkin patch.

Yesterday we hit The Works, a great museum and science center about an hour out of Columbus. Plenty to do for all ages!

race car simulation

working with magnets

and electricity

and more magnets
We have 2 days of school left before a big vacation - the children with Gramma, me and Hubby are off to a tropical paradise for a 15 year anniversary trip. Here we go!