Thursday, September 22, 2011

Next Up: Paleozoic Fossil Hunting

The girls are off tomorrow for an overnight at their friends' camp near the Hueston Woods. It's a field trip for their earth science class; but considering the class consists of all their best friends, it's also a fun slumber party in a bunk house.
Sporting crazy hair for their last class meeting
We visited COSI today and saw a display of fossils found in Ohio to give them a reference point. (We also got to take apart a computer at the Gadget Cafe and see a bunch of fun, fall related experiments and explosions at Pumpkin Patch Science).

My boys are surprisingly productive this fall with projects and art work. I had to get a picture of Toddzilla painting something other than exploding tanks, firing guns, or car chases. It happens to be a picture for his mama on her birthday...

Andrew Pudewa often says that boys draw verbs, girls draw nouns. This is definitely true of my clan -which is why Toddzilla's flowers surprised me.

We're trying to get out in the afternoons as much as possible to enjoy the beautiful days:

Happy Fall!