Sunday, July 24, 2011

And to think I wouldn't remember these things...

Okay, so half the reason for this blog is obviously to keep track of our homeschooling records (believe me, this is all there is - if the state ever came after me, it's a good thing I'd have something on record!)... But the other reason is just to remember the sweet, everyday moments of being with my little ones.  (And yes, there are lots of moments worth forgetting too...)

So we get back from the pool today and a major thunderstorm is rolling in and Toddzilla suggests a family movie night.  After we tuck The Patriot in to bed I yell downstairs "Family Movie Night!" (a big game of "zoo camp" was being played by the four still awake - with the oldest being demoted to a mere "zoo aid" because she actually didn't attend the camp). Crockett comes running up, "Family Movie Night?! I love Family Movie Night! - brief pause - What's Family Movie Night?" He's still new to the tradition because until now he'd also be asleep.

And in the middle of the movie, Elbow says, "Look at that lipstick! The bad girls always have the best lipstick!" They learn the great universal truths young, don't they?

Not to be left out: a lone stitch in my littlest's eyebrow on Thursday (almost eleven years as a mom, 5 kids, one stitch... I think I can manage - but I will say it was tough!):

So tough, in fact, when he couldn't choose an ice cream flavor
 I let him have BOTH!