Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Have I Not Mentioned This?

We have a pet! This happened over a week ago, but I haven't had a chance (or a picture) to put it all together. Hubby and I were out to dinner last week, when our babysitters and children discovered a mama rabbit and her seven babies in our garden. Toddzilla couldn't bear the thought of not holding them; he's always been an animal lover. Of course the babysitters told him to stay away, which only fueled his fire for "a real live thing to hold!" 

The next day the girls had standardized testing and the boys were at a friend's house. Friends who have a  bunny. Friends who were ready to be done with a bunny because they have since graduated to "real" pets of the dog and cat variety. So that's how Holly came to reside in our basement. It's a very happy arrangement: the children get a soft, cuddly animal to have and to hold - mama still has a bark free, shed free home. Win-win!

Hubby is all for any pets he can convince me to have. Last Saturday night, as he was doing his regular pacing in the basement for sermon prep, I caught him carrying the bunny around with him - just as he's done with all of our babies! Welcome to our world, bunny girl.