Friday, May 20, 2011

Me and Him

Me and my littlest had such a sweet day today. Hubby took the four older ones into the wilds for a camping getaway, leaving me and The Patriot to our own devices. Whenever I have a little quality one-on-one time with any child, I get all nostalgic about how wonderfully uninterrupted parenting can be. I used to know this feeling on a regular basis. Not so much anymore. In our best moments, there is nothing more beautiful than the rambunctious - and LOUD - symphony of a big family. I never dreamed I could love so many people so much. But there are the crazy times too; when if one more person needs one more thing it might be the end of me. You know the feeling.

But today was about me and him. I'm trying not to be hurt that the majority of our conversation was, "Mom, where Ellie?" or "Mom, where D?" (his name for David, which we've now all adopted). Still, dinner on the deck a deux was a highlight. Love you, little man.