Sunday, May 15, 2011

Long time no post...

I'm not sure what has been keeping us so busy, this and that I suppose, but nothing has graced these pages in awhile.

One more week of our "formal school year," although I'm not sure any of what we do is formal or correlates to a regular year. We do our standardized testing after this week and generally that is when I say, "You're in the next grade, congratulations!"

Summer plans still taking shape. Hubby starts intense rehearsals for the VBS production tonight and that will produce big excitement for the whole neighborhood as we anticipate another great year.

The first overnight camping trip is also in the works for this weekend - provided the rains stops. This involves all children over three - and Hubby of course - so I'll enjoy a relatively quiet 24 hours with only the wee one.

Bobo and buddies just had a great book club meeting after reading Soul Surfer. They wrote letters to Bethany Hamilton and attempted various activities with one arm in a sling to experience what her life must be like post shark incident.

The children helped us host a luncheon for new members this afternoon after an already long morning at church. It honestly could have gone in a lot of different directions - being nap time and all - and I'm proud of all of them for their composure and sincere efforts to help. It didn't hurt that the youngest was continuously fed countless goodies and treats as he worked the crowd.