Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy to Return to History

Finishing Human Anatomy and Physiology means we're back in History mode - a favorite spot for all of us. We're tackling the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance this year - our second time through this period. (We use The Well Trained Mind's four year history cycle, meant to be traveled through three times throughout a student's pre-college career.)

We're currently reading Adam of the Road out loud, Elbow just finished Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Bobo Augustine Came to Kent. Lots of great picture books for the younger set:

When we study in the evenings (or on regular school breaks) we generally have a visitor:

A neighbor friend making her Beowulf page for her history notebook
This little one was on spring break right after Easter and ran over every morning saying, "Can I do home school today?" I'm seriously not that fun a teacher, people. Really.

The girls are also using Institute for Excellence in Writing's Medieval Based Lessons in Writing.