Saturday, February 5, 2011

What A Day

4th trip to the Daddy Daughter Dance

A busier than usual Saturday. I'm not one to strive for busy-ness for busy-ness sake.  I don't enjoy running all over town picking up and dropping off. This serves as a gentle reminder to myself to keep things simple as often as possible:

Me: workout, grocery shopping, participated in an ordination service at our church, took my boys on a Mommy-Sons date to the dreaded Chuck E Cheese.

Girls: went to a dim sum brunch to celebrate the Chinese New Year with some friends, followed by ice skating, play time, and a date with their dad at the much loved Daddy Daughter Dance.

Hubby: sermon prep at church, officiated at ordination, Daddy Daughter Dance.

Boys: playtime with our Saturday babysitter, nursery time at the ordination, Chuck E. Cheese.


Regularly schedule Sunday morning mayhem, the AWANA pinewood derby, and... rest.