Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Science Re-Cap

Yesterday's science group played a huge, life size game of Nutriopoly (a version of Monopoly based on nutrition and food science). The game was made up by one of the group's moms based on our study of chapter five in Human Anatomy, Health and Nutrition.

Elbow learning at the calorie counting station

waiting for someone to roll the dice so they can move on

At the "marketplace" where you can trade essential amino acids

Toddzilla gathering up his essential amino acids at the kitchen
- you needed all nine to win!

This is the first year we've used the Notebooking workbooks put out by Apologia to go with the text. While we don't do all of the activities, we've really enjoyed the mini-books, copywork, and fun projects that supplement our study. Definitely worth checking out...