Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Filling Up Our Days

Plugging away with school work; we're in the middle of week six. Toddzilla is getting his kindergarten work done with me first thing in the morning while the girls are doing spelling, independent reading, and cursive (Elbow) or logic (Bobo) up in their room. Then Bobo hits the piano while Elbow works with me on math and grammar. Elbow then moves on to the violin while Bobo works with me on math and grammar. There are lots of interruptions and the house is turned upside down by the time we're done. This has definitely been our most mayhem-filled year. But the work's getting done and we're all growing in patience and grace (I hope!).

Right now we're busy planning Bobo's big ten year old birthday party. It's a joint venture with one of her very best friends, who turns ten just two days later. I'm hosting eleven girls for pizza, cake, tee-shirt decorating, face painting, and a major scavenger hunt Friday afternoon. Later that evening, some of the  girls are being "kidnapped" for a slumber party at the other girl's house. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Thankfully, my parents are flying in to town and can help ward off any little male saboteurs, of the always-bent-on-destruction variety.

I finally downloaded some pictures from my phone; this one - in the waiting room of our Children's Hospital made me laugh. It's not often that Spiderman can be spotted so non-chalantly pouring over a book.
The back story: I called our children's doctor saying that my oldest (who suffers from allergy/sinus issues like her dad) was having trouble again. I thought he'd just give me some antibiotics to clear up a sinus infection. Instead he tells me to pack everyone up and head to the Children's Hospital for an x-ray. I explained that maybe this could wait since I had one sleeping child and one dressed up as Spiderman. Negative. So there we were.