Saturday, June 26, 2010

We Survived -


Seriously, there were some dicey moments during week one of VBS, primarily because I'm not accustomed to having an absentee husband during the dinner hour for several weeks running. But we're still standing and ended up having a great week despite the chaos.

The Young Kids VBS is hosted at a separate campus, so there was lots of shuffling big kids and their friends here, little kids there. The church staff has the time table all laid out to accommodate the drop off and pick ups - it's a very well oiled machine by this point.  (And it has to be with about 1000 children attending). Crockett loved everything about his VBS. He was not so pleased, however, to have to head over to the other campus afterward and watch the "big kid show." Both he and The Patriot were almost asleep in the car each day upon arriving.

Happy Camper

The toys come to life in the daily drama

playing in the "soldier's camp" was a big hit

We'll have to head back next week at least one day to get pictures of Hubby as "Gizmo" in the big kids' VBS production. (I was too busy corralling two tired younguns at this point in the day to get any pictures). Let's just say the church is certainly seeing another side of their pastor...