Thursday, April 15, 2010

Since Easter

It's been a busy blur around here since Easter. The day after, Bobo and Hubby tested for Tae Kwon Do; she's now a green belt, he's an orange. (She'll always be ahead since Hubby can't make it to class as often as she can - lots of fun for her!) Everyone is prepping for an upcoming TKD tournament this weekend and Bobo's choir is full steam ahead for their spring musical next week.

We also managed to celebrate Hubby's birthday before most of us came down with some strange spring flu. The birthday was spent seeing the great Artifacts of the Titanic exhibit and going out for a festive family dinner - which quickly turned less festive as some of us started fading with fever right in the middle of the meal.

Not to be forgotten, however, is this sweet card Bobo wrote for her dad:

(I love the part about how he has to work every day - even Sunday!  -
"if he wanted his family to get food and water on the table")

Other than that, we're plugging along with the final four weeks of our regular school year. Next week we'll wrap up Ancient Egypt and move on to the Greeks, another favorite around here. Today we did some Egyptian map making:


Lots of squealing coming from the front yard today - it's over 80 degrees and the sprinkler's on!