Sunday, January 3, 2010

For My Records: Mid Year Report

Math: Bobo is about half way through Saxon 5/4. Elbow is in the last quarter of Saxon 2. Toddzilla, just because he sometimes asks to "do math," has done about 20 lessons in Saxon 1. I only take this out if he asks though, because I'd rather wait to start this until next fall. I continue to love Saxon Math for it's thoroughness and repetitive practice.

Latin: I was hoping to be half done with Latina Christiana I, but we're a little shy of that. I'm intrigued that the Highlands Latin School - of Memoria Press fame - goes right from LC I to it's new book First Form Latin, rather than first doing LC II. We'll figure that out when we get closer.

History: Still working our way through Sonlight Core 4 American History. I think Bobo's read more historical fiction this year alone (including the summer) than I ever did. My goal for the year is to have the girls memorize the presidents, the states and capitals, the Preamble to the Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address. They've done everything but the Gettysburg Address, so that's up for the new year. We're well past the Civil War now, but I'd still like to get that accomplished.

Science: Just finished chapter eight in Apologia's Zoology 3. Up this week is a horse back riding trip with out science group, in conjunction with the study of horses and horse care. We'll start the Botany book - in the same series - this spring.

Language Arts: Plugging away in Spelling Workout for both girls but I'm not overly convinced it's useful. Bobo will finish Writing Tales I this week and move on to volume II. We haven't been doing a formal grammar, because they're getting quite a bit from Latin, Writing Tales, and copy work/dictation (And, of course, SchoolHouse Rock!) My plan is to start the grade appropriate Rod and Staff books next year for both girls. Bobo is almost done with an online typing course and will continue to practice by typing her final drafts of science reports and Writing Tales assignments. This is still a very slow endeavor! Both girls continue to read out loud for me from their McGuffey readers - Elbow each school day, Bobo less often.