Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Week Stuff

Toddzilla passed his swim test on Monday, granting him access to our pool's two super fun slides. I honestly did not think he was ready to take the test, but he was determined to give it a try. By sheer determination he paddled the 25 meters, never touching the sides or bottom of the pool. He was giggling the whole time, which clearly amused the lifeguard, brought his siblings to stitches, and made me even more nervous. All in all, it was pretty cute. (He also broke his first board in Tae Kwon Do - it's been a big week for him!)

Thanksgiving count down: We've made our cranberries; tomorrow we'll make the stuffing and potatoes. Hubby's in charge of pies so I don't know the time table on that one yet.

Goings on around here: it's a quiet week as all extra-curriculars are on break. The girls are busy with new favorite books (Bobo: 39 Clues, Elbow: The Spiderwick Chronicles). Hubby is busy with extra services for the holiday, I'm busy tending a first-time sick baby and trying to get Thanksgiving put together. Crockett is making all sorts of mischief, Toddzilla's helping me in the kitchen.


Suzie said...

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Hope baby feels better promptly.

Charla said...

Way to go to him! That's great for a just turned five year old!

My son - almost 4 - is still scared to get near the water. He stays happily in the sand, thank you very much. Maybe next summer?

SBA said...

How do you handle swim lessons with your crew? Our oldest are 4 yrs and 2 1/4 yrs (as you know) and we need to start doing something soon... Little regular exposure to the water. Group lessons? Private?