Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Breaking Boards and Other Fun Stuff

Bobo broke her first board at Tae Kwon Do last night. She was also supposed to test for her orange belt, but her scatter-brained mother sent her there an hour late and she missed the whole thing. Not good. At all. Her instructor was nice enough to allow her to break the board; Wednesday she'll do her belt test.

She handled the entire thing so well and was gracious and forgiving when I explained that the whole thing was my fault. All her friends tested - and in she waltzed, thinking she was maybe a minute or two late, only to find out she missed it all. This was something she's been talking about for weeks, and it was no small disappointment. I was expecting tears when she got in the car - or at home - but she had a smile on her face the whole time. I'm incredibly proud of her.

Other big things going on around here:
  • The Patriot has his first two teeth
  • Crockett is out of diapers and doing well (after a difficult week)
  • We're slowly progressing through Across Five Aprils for history. It's a wonderful, rich book - but very detailed (lots of generals and battles and politics). It's been a challenge to get through. Bobo's reading Freedom Train: The Story of Harriet Tubman, and Elbow's book for the time period is Little House in the Big Woods.


Gabbie said...

I had a great time spending the weekend with you--Trick or Treating was so much fun...a beautiful night for walking around the neighborhood...and so much candy---you will be eating candy for a week..I also had a wonderful birthday celebration with you all...and the"Thanksgiving Dinner" we made together in the hotel room was awesome...you all can be my chefs anytime !! Plus the perfect ending to a super day was having you spend the night with a sleep-over !! Can't wait to see you all again....and Bobo I am so proud of you...I know you will do fine on Wednesday..Love Grandma

Suzie said...

What a true sign of maturity in your daughter. Wish her well on her testing. Our oldest earned his black belt in Fargo and really learned a lot through TKD.

denise in MN said...

Wow - awesome for her!

regan said...

i was just enjoying that sweet note from grandma...what a lovely grandma your kids have!
and your nice fall retreat, what lovely memories.
my kids love board games too, but they always seem to last so long!
i can't believe that baby is getting teeth already!
i absolutely love the picture of the little guy on the table making pizza dough. my littlest son does this sometimes. and like it is the most natural thing in the world to sit on the table!
sorry for the run on comment.
not proper grammar. sentence structure at all.
probably shouldn't be homeschooling my kids....:)

Anonymous said...
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