Friday, October 9, 2009

Less Todd, Less Zilla

Toddzilla doesn't get enough good press on these pages. When I started this blog, he was two and was all toddler, all godzilla, all the time.

He's almost five now and turning out to be quite a little charmer. As we were working on one of his phonics books the other day, he looked at all the words on the page and sighed, "Holy Spirit, deliver me from this one!"

Yesterday we dropped the girls off with friends and were on our way to do the same for Toddzilla at another home. The Patriot was getting tired of being in the car, so Toddzilla was playing all sorts of silly games with him. I commended him on how helpful he's been with his littlest brother, and that the baby would be sad to see him go. "Oh, Mom," he said, "he can come with me if you want!"

Last week he made himself this delightful lunch of cheese whiz on bread and quipped, "Look, Mom, I call it 'Mom's Day Off.'"