Sunday, October 4, 2009

American Girl Doll Birthday Party

I admit I titled this post for those who might be searching for ideas. I was in those shoes a few weeks back, when my daughter decided on her birthday theme. There was nothing out there! I phoned a friend who I knew hosted one several years back and she was just as surprised that AG doesn't carry party supplies anymore. Being the resourceful person that she is, though, she called the company and found a perfect fit for us: The Molly Mystery Party Game. (You can't even find that on the AG site anymore; I got it clearanced out for $4. But you can buy it at Amazon). It's a Halloween themed mystery so it worked perfectly for my October girl.

The girls arrived in costume, based on the character their invitation described (these are included in the game). This itself was loads of fun for Bobo's circle of friends - all sweet girls who know each other from both our church and our science group.

Lots of giggling went on during the actual reading of the script and the acting out of the various scenes. This was right up my dramatist's daughter's alley.

Happy Birthday, Bobo! We're can't wait to see what your ninth year will bring...