Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week In Review

One of my best buddies turned 40 - Happy Birthday, Nan! Here's hoping we're taking a girl's trip soon to celebrate!

Friday, last: a fun field trip for the big kids and Hubby to Spirit of America, which fit beautifully into our American History studies. Then off to our science co-op where the girls shared their "Weekly Wolf" newsletter with the group, including articles on dingoes, wild African dog packs, and a few jokes.

The weekend was full of Tae Kwon Do, the children's choirs singing, the regular busy-ness of Sunday morning...

This week we studied ursidae (bears) for zoology, read The Great Turkey Walk for history, worked on states and capitals, continued to learn the second declension masculine for Latin ("learning" might be stretching it a bit; this is coming slowly), carried on in math, writing, and spelling.

The Patriot's big accomplishment was hanging out in the high chair like a big boy: