Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So Many Things...

...going on around here that there's been no time to post. Here's a few:

  • Toddzilla actually likes to put pen to paper, finally. He's all about making a Star Wars book.
  • We're Lutherans. Many of you have mentioned you thought we were Catholics, until you read that my husband is a pastor. Our denomination, the ELCA, has recently made some decisions that lead the church away from the authority of Scripture and the tradition of the church. This is more than disappointing to a great many, including myself. I haven't been able to say much here because it's all so disheartening.
  • On a completely different - and more positive - note, I just got all the Core 4 Sonlight US History books from one of my friends. We had a great time with Core 3 this summer and look forward to moving right along.
  • We're experimenting with iMovie. The girls had to do a report on zoo keepers for their science group on Friday. We went and interviewed one yesterday, recorded it, and now we're making it into a movie with music and scrolling credits and all! I would even post it here, but it's nine minutes long and I'm not sure you're that interested. Here they are in their "reporter outfits."
  • The Patriot is sitting up and acting like a full-on little boy. Arrgghhh, it goes so fast.
  • I'm up to three runs since that baby's birth, two of which were this week. So at least there's improvement.


Suzie said...

My hubby converted, so we have many relatives affected by the recent decision in the ELCA. We haven't talked about it much with them, either. Most of our Lutheran friends feel as you do. Praying.

Cute pics of the kids. Isn't it great when the 'boys' finally start to be interested!! My first couldn't stand to write for so long and now his cursive is quite nice (in the 7th grade).

Teresa said...

Our church is deciding what to do. Most of the big churches are conservative it seems and many want to go. It will definitely shrink the ELCA by a huge number I'm sure.

What is yours doing?

Norwegian Shooter said...

Of course the girls are gorgeous in this picture, but I want to compliment the photographer! Does any homeschooling org run a photo contest? This would be a tough entry to beat. Am I right, people?

Only a Lutheran could write "We're Lutherans." Period. No muss, no fuss. I can even hear the intonation. I had a good chuckle with you on that one.

Darla said...

I'm with Norwegian Shooter on the photo entry! Very cute!

Michelle Waters said...


You asked about our church. Nothing has been voted on, but the talk is to leave the ELCA by next summer. Also, no funds are being sent to the national office. I understand a lot of the big congregations are doing this as well. It's painful for all...