Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's the Little Things...

...that make me happy.

Like my Bible with the spaces right on the side for journaling. (There's some great journaling inspiration here).

And the fact that my baby is now old enough to hang out at our club's child care for a bit while I take the big kids swimming. (And completely avoid the work out equipment. I'm up to a whopping ONE run since giving birth over three months ago.)

That my second littlest is 'all growed up' and sleeping in his brother's old fire truck bed.

James Otis' speech in Johnny Tremain, "But because we fight, they shall see freedom like a new sun rising in the west. Those natural rights God has given to every man, no matter how humble... We are lucky men, for we have a cause worth dying for. This honor is not given to every generation."

It's also the little things that can drive me crazy...

Like that my baby loathes the stroller and hollers at the top of his tiny lungs at the most inopportune moments.

Or the fact that after cleaning the entire kitchen I made coffee sans pot. Nothing like cleaning up scorching hot coffee instead of sitting down to enjoy a cup. Isn't my machine supposed to sense that there's no pot there?

And the other passages from Johnny Tremain. This has probably been my least favorite read-a-loud. The history's great and the children are enjoying it. But I don't spend the day wondering what's going to happen in our bedtime reading like I usually do. Hubby told me it was the first book that really spoke to him as a child. Toddzilla went to bed crying last night, "More Johnny Tremain! More Johnny Tremain!" Maybe it's a boy thing?


Jennifer said...

That's awful about the coffee! Mine won't dispense unless the pot is there. But I have definitely brewed a nice pot of hot water more than once (forgetting to add the coffee itself.) Sorry about the stroller too - that stinks!

charla said...

I bet he'll warm up to the stroller. (Let's hope!) I imagine it's hard getting around without one with your little ones.

Maria said...

I've gotten in two runs in the past 4.5 months. Not exactly impressive. My little gal hates my beautiful new double jogger....She's warming up to it, but it's a slow process! Good luck with yours!

Jenni said...

Ditto on the Johnny Tremain - although I learned a ton about the time period.