Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tears. Lots of Them.

A few Sundays ago, as my little brood and I prepared to leave church, the rain came down hard and fast. I asked a sweet acquaintance if she would mind standing in the entry way with my children while I ran and got the bus van. It's a huge church and I often have to park a good distance away from the door. She graciously agreed and has since come up every Sunday to see if I need any help. 

Last Sunday, as I gathered my group, things got a little dicey. Toddzilla found a noodle (one of those six feet long styrofoam contraptions used for swimming - not generally found in places of worship - those ones). He was swinging it around in the presence of elderly parishioners and other such distinguished church-goers. Crockett had been dropped by above mentioned brother a few minutes earlier and was crying. (In Toddzilla's defense, he dropped the poor child because he ran up to give him a bear hug and they both inadvertently toppled over.) My baby was tired and fussy and I was trying to get him in the car seat. The girls were chit chatting with their friends, oblivious to the world around them. We were not getting anywhere fast. Or ever, for that matter.

Enter dear acquaintance mentioned above. She took one look at the scene and said, "Bless your heart, you do this all with a smile. Don't you ever cry? I remember crying all the time - and I only have two!"

Hubby would have laughed out loud if he heard that. (Hello, I've basically been either pregnant, post partum, or nursing for the last eight years - nothing even has to go wrong for the tears to flow on some days!) I cry tons, believe me. Just not much in public. 

Now you know.


candace said...

LOL! Me too, sister.

Denise in MN said...

Hormones are fun, aren't they? My kids roll their eyes and say, "Mom's crying again."

Suzie said...

I'm not much for public emotion, either. Unfortunately, tears aren't usually what comes ... it's a loud, shrill voice. If I get past anger to the point of tears, it's a super low point for me. Whatever the emotional outlet, we've all been to that place. I used to think I was patient ....

regan said...

i am a private crier myself. i don't cry often, but when i do, husband and kids know it is serious. which kinda works in my favor...:)
we all have those days dearie. and i'd have to wonder if you were a stepford mama if you didn't!
have a blessed weekend!

Nan said...

I'm having a hard time believing :) You could have been joining me all these years!

Love your new picture!

August is getting closer! Can't wait!