Friday, May 22, 2009

What We're Up To

We've been enjoying some beautiful spring-almost-summer weather. Lots of play outside - including jumping over the big ball sprinkler over and over again. The pool opens tomorrow, but we're keeping that a secret for a little longer.

The girls spent the afternoon doing "lentil" science with our group. We finished Zoology II: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day in April, so the group is meeting once in a while to do some fun, hands-on exploration. (I believe the curriculum is actually called TOPS science).

The Patriot is stealing everyone's hearts with his cooing and big smiles.

The boys are into their usual mischief, taunting the girls with their less than gentleman-like bathroom humor and causing general may-hem wherever they go.

Hubby is watching O Brother, Where Art Thou and I'm off to bed to read Rich Brother, Rich Sister.

Nothing too exciting - hence the relative silence for the past week. Wishing you all a nice holiday weekend!


Denise in MN said...

We've done some of the TOPS science around here for a change of pace too.

Let me know what you think of Rich Brother - I read the first of his books and learned a lot!

Mark said...

Well, your brother certainly isn't rich, so let me know if you learn how to change that! Actually, there's a chance that could change tonight, Powerball is at $192 million.

Cabin is sunny and mid 60s this morning = beautiful.

Michelle Waters said...

I'll let you know what I discover - although this one appears to be more about spiritual richness. You better read Rich Dad, Poor Dad if you want the other kind.

jess s said...

Did you finish Harry Potter yet? What do you think of the ending?

Michelle Waters said...

No, but I think we're on track to finish at the end of the month. Very exciting!