Monday, May 11, 2009

More Thoughts on the Potter Boy

We're finally on the last book of the Harry Potter series. I'm hoping to be done by the end of May, so we can begin our early American history (Sonlight selections) in June. A few thoughts thus far:
  • The girls love, love, love the books. We read for about an hour a night, and it's never enough: "more! more! more!"
  • There are a few words we change as we're going along: we use 'darn' for 'damn' (several occurrences), we switch 'shut up' to 'be quiet' (several occurrences), and someone called a girl character a 'sl*t', (one time) and we just breezed right by that one. The rest of the vocabulary is incredibly rich and there are plenty of words I need to look up along the way. Considering there are thousands of pages in the series, I have no trouble overlooking a few words here and there - that's why we're reading it out loud.
  • Some Christians are troubled by the whole wizard/magic thing. This doesn't bother me; there are fairies and genies and all sorts of fantastical elements to most of the classics.
  • The publishing phenom alone is enough to warrant at least some degree of familiarity with the books.
Off to teach the first declension in Latin to my little gang.


denise in MN said...

pretty much ditto on the HP stuff. can't say we're tackling latin though!

jess s said...

I'm surprised your six year old is into it. I couldn't even keep all the action and characters straight!

Mark said...

What about the snoogging (or snarfing or whatever it is that was in the last book)?

Michelle Waters said...

Uncle Mark,
Considering I don't even know what snogging is, (let's hope it's just kissing???) I felt I could read that and move on.

Michelle Waters said...

Actually you read that part to them, right? It hasn't come up again.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope snoogging isn't about how babies are made. lol, you do know about that don't you. ;)

Do your kids really sit and listen for an hour. Cate is only 5 but I very often have to say to her that if she doesn't stop interupting and talking while I read to her, I will stop. At 5 she never stops talking. Is your 8 year old almost 9? I haven't even thought about reading the HP books to Cate yet. I've only read the first one (shh...don't tell anyone) but dh has read them all. I thought my husband should read the Narina books first to her but then I think it might be better to wait until Si (who is 2.5) is old enough to listen as well. Any thoughts?

Mark said...

Auntie Wendy has confirmed that snogging is British slang for kissing. The passage that mentions it has some serious teenage hormones raging. Get ready for that!

Elbow got up a few times each reading, so I'm not sure she gets everything, but that's not a problem. Bobo can fill her in if needed. Also, the vocab certainly has some challenging words for all ages.