Monday, April 20, 2009

Year End - Sort Of

The girls are backpack clad and taking their standardized tests this week, which means the year is sort of coming to an end. I say sort of because it's only April, and also because we don't really stop lessons in the summer. We continue math and Latin and usually do a few less formal, out of the ordinary subjects.

I'm still figuring out our summer plans, but one thing we'll pursue is the Sonlight Core 3 early American history books. We'll do the read a-loud selections in the evenings and I'll have Bobo read the student books during her daily reading time. Elbow can tackle some of them - like Squanto and Sarah, Plain and Tall - but I'll have to find some substitutions from the library for her.

We just said goodbye to my in-laws and my brother's family is coming this weekend, so it's light posting around here for awhile...


Jennifer said...

That sounds good. I've always been curious about Sonlight.

Suzie said...

My oldest takes his standardized test on Sat. It's close to the end for us, too. We do plan to continue a few subjects through the summer, though.

How interesting that you teach your kids latin ... we do, too! We've been using Memoria Press since my oldest was in 2nd grade. For a number of years, a local college Latin instructor offered our homeschool group Latin classes. They were wonderful & the kids learned so much - but ended the May before we moved.

Grandma said...

Just want to let you know that we had a great time taking you to the play "Anne" was really fun...and you were so cute all dressed up...hope we can do it again soon.....Love ya.... Grandma, Gerry and Nikki

regan said...

we just finished up with tests too. i actually took my daughter yesterday, went thru all the motions of getting her ready, etc. and she had finished the day before. boy did i feel like a dummy!
we'll be doing summer lessons too. a think it is best to keep the "learning" rhythym steady over the long summer months, even if just for my own sanity!
i used to love sonlight. i used it when my kids were younger.

oh and ps. we love all the sarah plain and tall books too. have you ever read the book baby by the same author? it is great! and a tear-jerker too.
happy weekend michelle.