Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Music Man

I've mentioned before that Hubby is the musical one in the family. He has sung to all our children, but our last two have benefitted from the addition of a piano in our home. Often, his method of calming a fussy baby is to sit down and play hymns - one handed of course. As you can see, he's already started this with The Patriot.

Crockett has definitely profited from this. Music is his first love. When he knows we're going somewhere in the car, the first thing he does is shout out the song he wants on the CD player. He's worn out two wooden, child sized guitars in his attempts to serenade us. Whenever we let him, he plays Elbow's violin with abandon. He's got better rhythm than me.

The girls too are carrying on the love of all things musical. Here they are last night all set for another coffee shop concert with their Suzuki groups. 

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." Berthold Auerbach


Stacy Brown said...

We love music as well ~ it's always a nice break in our day ~ makes every one feel so good when we stop and sing a few songs about Jesus! Love that your hubby sings to baby ~ what peace that must bring to you!

jess s said...

That's sweet. I love how little ones can get comfortable in any position - even at the piano bench!

SBA said...

Very sweet. Love the quote. Can't believe how much your oldest is looking like you!

Maria said...

Mike has sung hymns to our infants, as well. It amazed me with the first to see her get so incredibly calm immediately when he'd start singing, and our new one has the same reaction. It's such a blessing for the babies to have someone to sing to them like that, I think!