Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 5

The Patriot is proving to be like his big brothers when they were babies - easy going and very good at sleeping. This is certainly welcome. My mom left this evening, so we're on our own. If you would have seen us this morning you'd be very worried about that:

  • Crockett decided today was the day to lose the diapers. He put on Thomas underwear and put the potty seat around his neck for good measure.
  • Toddzilla was Toddzilla. Enough said.
  • The girls chose this particular morning to spring clean and organize their bedroom. A noble task for sure, but not exactly timely. Everything all over the room. 
  • Wouldn't you know I'd go online to pay some bills and find that someone had conveniently bankrupted us. An unknown, very suspicious large amount of money was withdrawn. Of course we have to wait twenty four hours - and show up in person - before the bank can file a fraudulent charge and take some action. 
Thank goodness for our wonderful church family who has taken it upon themselves to cook for us for many weeks to come. 

We're thinking of getting back to some school work tomorrow. I'll keep you posted... (But don't hold your breath).


charla said...

cute little guy! sounds like it was quite a day at your place...

Nan said...

He is SOOO cute!

Suzie said...

What a day! The Patriot is very alert and observant looking already. Hope the rest of your week is calm.

regan said...

gosh michelle, when it rains it pours, huh?
and what is it with girls and spring cleaning? my daughter did the SAME thing, only i thought her room didn't need it. one of the boys said to me-mom, have you seen phia's room? i thought it was clean-and sure enough-i guess i inspired her to de-clutter her space and now it looks like the dickens!
well, hope you get the banking thing figured out soon. what a mess!

mark said...

The Patriot? I can't figure that one out. I like it though. And he is "so coot and wittle" as auntie would say. We can't wait to see everybody.

Ouch on your bank account! Hopefully it's sorted out relatively easily.

Good luck getting back to school.

Jennifer said...

He's so beautiful!