Sunday, March 15, 2009

Careful What You Wish For

Guess who scrubbed baseboards, cleaned the top of the refrigerator, and put away all our completed school work (which required climbing into our crawl space on all fours)?

Yep. Nesting has arrived. Bring it on.

I should mention that Hubby preached a great sermon on the importance of a Sabbath rest this morning. Sorry, Love, you moved me but maternal instinct is something altogether different.


Anonymous said...

Good news, indeed.

Stacy Brown said...

That is great! How funny that your husband's message was on "resting"! Come on baby #5!
Let me know if you won't be at class Thurs.

Jennifer said...

I felt guilty as I scrubbed everything yesterday, but it's so nice today (I whine!). Glad to hear of your urge to clean, hope we get to see little baby soon!

regan said...

what a good mama bird you are-doing exactly as God has programmed you. there is nothing like bringing baby home to a shiny nest. although "things" usually happen when i am away at the hospital-like french toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner-and then no one cleans up the mess-for days.....but it's been so long. can you tell my arms are feeling empty? i am envying you right now.. sorry. but i do so wish you well! =)