Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brotherly Love

Toddzilla is especially enamored with the baby. I love seeing my two brown haired boys snuggled up together.

I'm always calling the baby by my two year old's name, out of habit. Exasperated by my forgetfulness, Toddzilla suggested I write the baby's name on his forehead. In permanent marker. 

Crockett is quite taken with the whole nursing experience, running around shouting, "Drink! Drink!" when the baby is eating. I told him how the little guy is getting milk and he said, "No! Apple juice!"


Juli said...

I love seeing big tough boys with sweet little babies.
You're pretty good if you can make apple juice.
One time I was nursing Garrett when he was younger and my husband kissed his head. I guess he thought he was trying to steal his milk and he pushed my husband away and said, "no, you juice". Which I guess meant for him to go get some juice. Your son saying "apple juice" reminded me of that. :)

Cay G. said...

So cute! You are blessed. :o)

erica said...

Congratulations, Michelle!! I'm late to the celebration, but you all look sooooo happy. He is adorable.
God bless you all,

Michelle Waters said...

Are you the infamous Erica of CA that I met at the FCL conference last summer? Is so, hello again! I don't have your email so this is my only hope of responding.

If you're a different Erica - hello to you too!

erica said...

Yes, it's me. :) You were just pregnant when we met at Michelle's conference. Do you plan to go again? I so want to but we are expecting our 8th in the beginning of August. Next year, I hope!

God bless you all!