Monday, February 2, 2009

My Baby's Growing Up

Crockett is feeling all the big boy lately; I'm sure he's sensing the arrival of baby brother in the not so distant future. He rarely allows the girls to buckle him into his car seat anymore -- "I DO IT!" He doesn't like to be carried around quite as much. He's definitely (and loudly) expressing his independence. He'll be two in February.

So I had to smile - and grab my camera - when I saw the girls carrying him up the creek bank, and then holding his hands while bringing him home the other day. They were thrilled to be able to manhandle serve him again. And I was happy to see my baby back.

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Maria said...

Those "baby" moments are sweet. Mine's been talking constantly about what "babies" do as opposed to what "little girls" do...she's very happy to be in the latter category, but it is fun to carry her around from time to time still. She'll be 2 Saturday.