Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lots of Little Things

  • We had a great week of school - probably because my expectations were so low coming home from vacation. I honestly was just hoping to scrape by with the bare minimum but I think we may have had one of our best weeks yet!
  • If you didn't notice in any of the Disney pictures, Toddzilla (who else?) cut his hair the night before our trip. We have never, ever had scissor to hair, marker to wall, lipstick to everything issues around here so I haven't even given the "only the barber cuts your hair speech." Bad move on my part. Crockett appears to be following in his big brother's very boisterous footsteps. I will definitely need many more cups of coffee and many more hours of prayer as the third boy will soon join the party. 
  • I've been wanting to post more about the Thomas Jefferson Education book for quite a while. Right after I read it, I lent it to a friend and am just now getting it back. Hopefully, I'll have more to say sometime soon. 
  • Still trying to finish my patch-work knit blanket for the baby. Still have not made too much progress on my new year's resolution to get the scrapbooks up to date.
  • I'm reading Kate's (of Jon and Kate + 8) book, Multiple Blessings, so nicely sent to me by Juli. Wow, there's a book that puts some of life's trials in perspective. Kate is much more outspoken about her faith in the book; it's a testimony to their extreme trust in God's guidance and care. 
  • Finally, if you need a laugh check out Spunky. 


Charla said...

Love the Youtube on Spunky!

We've had plenty of hair cutting around here so you should consider yourself lucky it took this long. Actually, you can hardly tell in the pictures.

Maria said...

I suppose it is sort of great that he is a boy; it doesn't show as much as when a girl takes a big chunk of long hair off (speaking from experience - I did it once, never, ever again...). The pictures are adorable, "haircut" or no!

SBA said...

That Many Blessings book sounds great; I will get a copy out of the library. I gathered they may be Christians but wasn't sure